• Career Path

    The Company set the career path up to inform the employees about the positions that support their progress after they joined the company. The Company sets human resource development plan to evolve the employee’s knowledge and ability to work effectively and productively. Meanwhile, The Company also has support plans for the human resource development which are providing opportunities to employees to show their abilities and preparing the paths to support the employee’s progress in their job.

  • Chance for learning

    The Company encourages employee’s learning that are beneficial to their work both in company training by knowledge speaker and outside training by the famous institutes, together with developing employees’ potential to become the leader in this business.

  • Transfer the opportunity

    The Company provides job rotation job rotation policy which is an opportunity for employees to learn variety of works and help them to identify suitable job. Moreover, the company provides the opportunity to work in other branches where are located near their hometown.

  • Candidate Registration is Under Maintenance

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